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Press Release : June 10th 2021

Wela Group[1], a New York based technology development company, achieves CE marking[2] for AVAST™; its successful Covid-19 anti-viral ultra-sonic decontamination product.

AVAST™ created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic (coronavirus) provides an unsurpassed capability to destroy the biggest threat of our time, Coronavirus types such as SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.

The system has over 99.98% efficacy against Viruses[3]; bacteria[4]; and molds as well as their spores and has after rigorous testing achieved its CE marking.

This alongside its independent 3rd party laboratory verification from Assured Bio of Oak Ridge TN, means that as well as being sold in the USA, the AVAST™ system can be sold throughout the European markets, with purchasers knowing that it meets the standards required for safety and efficacy.  

This is a significant milestone achieved by the founders of the Wela Group.

The AVAST™ system is a small, portable, easy to use and cost effective.  The system uses well established, EPA registered off-the-shelf antimicrobials: to rapidly and effectively decontaminate a facility during off-use hours and without any specialized training for operators. The AVAST™ systems’ unique chemistry allows complete sterilization of any enclosed environment leaving surfaces dry to the touch directly after a complete application at room temperature. It is food safe, non-toxic and leaves no residue

 More information is available on our website https://welagroup.com

For media information, send inquiries to corporate@welagroup.com

[1]Wela Group, a New York based technology development company, founded by Barbara Dutton-Weingarten and Eric Holohan, is an entrepreneurial driven R&D company that applies the latest in science and technology to create sterilizing systems that transform antiseptics into an effective sterilization system.
[2]The CE Mark in the European Union and the FDA-approval process in the United States both perform the same functions, namely assessing the safety and efficacy of new devices.
[3] Including Coronaviruses, H1N1, SARS, Ebola
[4]including E. coli ,Anthrax

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