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Anti-Viral Aerosol Sterilization Technology

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AVAST™ is a Dry Mist Sterilizer, which is used to aerosolize a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide to microfine droplets which destroy viruses like Novel Coronavirus, MRSA, SARS, H1N1 in domestic, corporate, commercial and public environments. AVAST™ does not recycle contaminated air. AVAST™ patent pending process utilizes ultra high frequency ceramic resonator to create a microfine dry mist from the disinfectant solution; its effectiveness on viruses has been recognized for over 100 years. The AVAST™ ozone generator component produces ozone by passing ordinary air through it and only requires an electrical supply in order to work efficiently. Its active silver filtration component filters and destroys the virus in the air as it is drawn into the unit.

Additional advantages of AVAST™

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AVAST™ – The Sterilization System with real additional benefits.

Although developed to aid in the fight against Covid-19 and Coronaviruses, the AVAST™ system is also exceptionally effective at eliminating over 32 other common viruses such as the common cold, influenza, swine flu, avian flu, and H1N1.

Not only is the AVAST™ system excellent against eliminating viruses but equally as devastating on over 100 Bacterial pathogens, too. Harmful Molds and Spores are also easily eliminated with the AVAST™ unit. Over 38 different mold & spore types can cause symptoms ranging from eye and skin irritation to difficulty breathing.

AVAST™ has proven itself as a useful tool, not only for sterilization, but also the added benefit of being ‘Exceptionally Effective’ at neutralizing the bacteria that cause odors. Areas that have had heavy and persistent odors caused by stale food or milk as well as urine and smoke such as cigar smoke or even due to fires, have been totally eliminated in a short period of treatment.

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Education in the Era of COVID-19

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Corona Virus control in all aspects of the educational environment.
* Transportation, Classrooms and Lecture Halls, Staff Areas, School and College Facilities, Dining and Food Preparation Areas

Welcome to the Wela Group we are an innovation and development company specifically set up to address major issues affecting the lives of millions of people today.

Daily Sterilization, Highly Effective against Corona Virus., Cost effective. No additional staff required. Operates over night. 
No residue no need to wipe down.

Restaurants & Hospitality in the Era of COVID-19

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Restaurants in the era of Covid-19.
Welcome to the Wela Group we are an innovation and development company specifically set up to address major issues affecting the lives of millions of people today.

By far the largest issue the hospitality industry is grappling with today is the coronavirus and covid19.

Avast™ is the antiviral aerosolized sterilization technology developed by the Wela Group to address this and other pathogens which threaten the world’s health and economy.

Containerized Transportation of Food in the Era of COVID-19

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Containerized shipping has become integral with all aspects of commerce globally, however Covid-19 is becoming a stumbling block into this complex and highly important sector for which we rely for all types of goods and essentials such as medicines and food items. Major disruption to the normally streamlined supply chain is being caused by newly discovered instances of coronavirus contamination in goods shipped in both regular and refrigerated shipping containers for instance. Having completely eradicated Covid-19 from New Zealand it was found that a new cluster of infections was detected as a result of contaminated fish being brought into the country in refrigerated containers……..