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New Covid Disinfecting Technology


–Wela Group’s Anti-viral system proven more than 99.98% effective against Coronavirus

Wela Group, a local startup company founded by serial entrepreneurs Barbara Dutton-Weingarten and Eric Holohan, has announced sales of their first anti-viral product, AVAST™, after receiving independent 3rd party laboratory lab verification from Assured Bio of Oak Ridge TN., that showed a greater than 99.98% efficacy, and leaving no viable virus on treated areas.

Developed in response to the corona virus pandemic, Ms. Dutton-Weingarten said “The idea was to find the most effective combination of proven methods and produce a complete knock out product that destroys the virus, but leaves no toxic substances or residue, thereby eliminating any additional risk of illness due to reactions from chemical cleaners”.


Dutton continues, “The solution was to combine Hydrogen Peroxide, a non-toxic oxidizer, with ozone and disperse it as a dry mist”. Both materials turn back into breathable oxygen and water once it has been in the air for about 20 minutes.

Unlike most other treatments, the AVAST™ system is completely food safe and leaves no active chemicals which can cause permanent eye damage or blindness.

AVAST™ started shipping this month after a lengthy trial period in office spaces, restaurants, and medical facilities. One beta tester, Niko from Perea, Greek restaurant, said “We don’t need any additional staff, just fill, set the timer, and go. If you leave all the doors open, it will clean the bathrooms and kitchen at the same time…”

Dutton says some of their key target markets are schools, transportation, food, hospitality, offices and waiting rooms. One significant opportunity is shipping containers, as it is now known that the virus has been spread from country to country on cargo in these containers.

The AVAST™ system can be set to automatically run and is totally portable. Retail pricing is set at $3,000.

Wela Group is an entrepreneurial driven R&D company that applies the latest in science and technology to create sterilizing systems that transform antiseptics into an effective sterilizer to destroys Coronaviruses, H1N1, SARS, E. coli and bacteria like Staph. Our first patent pending product, AVAST™, provides an unsurpassed capability to destroy the biggest threat of our time, Coronavirus types such as SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.

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