AVAST™ Technical Information

Wela Group Avast Unit

How the AVAST™ Unit works

AVAST™ dispenses an atomized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mist that is highly enriched with Ozone (O3) into an enclosed environment.* This filtered air stream moves randomly and collides with any potential bacteria, viruses and spores.
The unique capability of AVAST™ is atomizing a large amount of H2O2 into microfine particles combined with activated Ozone exponentially increases the area of contact thus increasing the sterilization action of the unit. This reduces the amount of hydrogen perxide used and time of atomization needed to destroy bacteria, viruses and spores.
This dry sterilization chemistry spreads rapidly in the closed environment and produces the OH hydroxyl radicals, which along with the Ozone O3 generated the biocide action. The Dry Sterilizaa\tion chemistry is distributed on every square centimeter of all exposed surfaces and air. All without side effects to people or animals and without causing corrosion or leaving behind any residue.
This chemistry attacks and destroys the membrane of bacteria, viruses and spores. Hydroxyl radicals deposit on the membrane of the pathogens, containing Calcium and Sodium chloride (NaCl). The ionic OH transforms the CL of the membrane to inactive Chlorine (Cl2) and destroys the membrane and prevents its regeneration. The microfine particles of H2O2 increase the effect of the nucleation of microorganisms at the cryptoplasmic level.
AVAST™ does not generate Volitile Organic Compunds (VOC)into the environment and rapidly (e.g. average runtime per room is 10-15 minutes) and completely sterilizes the air and all surfaces without any side or invasive effects for people, animals or equipment.
Dimensions438mm x 311mm x 385mm17.25in x 12.25in x 15in
Weight18 kilos40 lbs
MaterialsClinical Grade Stainless SteelManufacturer Wela Group LLC

AVAST™ is a Dry Mist Sterilizer, which is used to aerosolize a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide – (H2O2) to micofine droplets which destroy viruses like Novel Coronavirus, MRSA, SARS, H1N1 in domestic, corporate, commercial and public environments. AVAST™ does not recycle contaminated air. AVAST™ patent pending process utilizes ultra high frequency ceramic resonator to create a microfine dry mist from the disinfectant solution; its effectiveness on viruses has been recognized for over 100 years. the AVAST™ ozone generator component produces ozone by passing ordinary air through it and only requires an electrical supply in order to work efficiently. Its active silver filtration component filters and sterilizes coronaviruses in the air as it is drawn into the unit.

AVAST™ is the only system combining antimicrobial enriched ozone, microfine hydrogen peroxide mist and active silver filtration to sterilize Novel Coronaviruswhich causes COVID-19.
The unique chemistry of the AVAST™ system is the rapid and complete sterilization of the enclosed environment leaving only clean water and oxygen as its by-product. The surfaces will feel dry to the touch even directly after a complete application at room temperature.

*AVAST is not a medical device under the description as provided by US FDA. AVAST is not for use on or in the human body. It is only recommended to use hydrogen peroxide-based chemicals from List N of EPA approved disinfectants. Effectiveness to destroy viruses may vary depending on the characteristics of each disinfectant.
Only chemicals that are recommended for dry mist, fogging, and aerosolized application should be used. Only use in strict accordance with the chemical manufacturer’s guidelines. Full list of Registered EPA approved disinfectants is available from www.epa.gov