Wela Group - About Us

AVAST™ Sterilization

At Wela Group, we applied the latest in science and technology to create a sterilizing system that transforms an antiseptic, that has been widely available for centuries into an effective sterilizer that destroys Coronaviruses, H1N1, SARS, E. coli and bacteria like Staph. In a short running time, it fills a room, cleans the air and all its surfaces without leaving behind any residue. Our patent pending technology uses a multi-pronged process combining active silver filtration, hydrogen peroxide and ozone to maximize effectiveness. AVAST™ engineers have diligently designed and patented the system to combine these individually highly effective methods into one supremely devastating unit with unsurpassed capability to destroy the biggest threat of our time, Coronavirus types such as SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19.


Environmental Responsibility

Because Wela Group has a substantial Maritime background (AVAST™ means halt), we are well aware of the ravages toxic chemical run-off can have on aquatic life and its lasting negative impact on the environment. As parents, we are equally concerned about the health risks many disinfectants pose to all of us and our pets. AVAST™ dry mist sterilization system is completely non-toxic and food safe. Now that more of us are working remotely it is important to have a virus free home space since we are spending so much more time in the same location. AVAST™ does not emit volatile toxins into your living space, kitchen, workspace and home. Hydrogen peroxide rapidly degrades into oxygen and water and is not toxic. AVAST™ sterilization destroys viruses effectively but does so in an environmentally responsible way. We are proud that our system leaves surfaces and air sterilized and clean without residue.