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Anti-Viral Aerosol Sterilization Technology

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AVAST™ is a Dry Mist Sterilizer, which is used to aerosolize a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide to microfine droplets which destroy viruses like Novel Coronavirus, MRSA, SARS, H1N1 in domestic, corporate, commercial and public environments. AVAST™ does not recycle contaminated air. AVAST™ patent pending process utilizes ultra high frequency ceramic resonator to create a microfine dry mist from the disinfectant solution; its effectiveness on viruses has been recognized for over 100 years. The AVAST™ ozone generator component produces ozone by passing ordinary air through it and only requires an electrical supply in order to work efficiently. Its active silver filtration component filters and destroys the virus in the air as it is drawn into the unit.

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Health Europa Quarterly - Killing viruses with Wela Group’s new AVAST™ system

Health Europa Publication: Committed to highlighting the latest trends and developments in health and healthcare from across Europe and beyond. Our publication provides a valuable platform to the health sector, allowing them to discuss research and innovation themes, health policy and new technologies.

(Conformité Européenne) for AVAST™

Wela Group a New York based technology development company, achieves CE marking for AVAST™; its successful Covid-19 anti-viral ultra-sonic decontamination product. AVAST™ created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic (coronavirus) provides an unsurpassed capability to destroy the biggest threat of our time, Coronavirus types such as SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.
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AVAST™ Designed To Stop Germs’ Spread

By Shelley Byrne: Non-toxic, food-safe sterilization technology first developed for the cruise industry is now available to help prevent the spread of many types of illnesses on workboats and elsewhere. AVAST Anti-viral Aerosolized Sterilization Technology™ uses aerosolized hydrogen peroxide and ozone to create a dry mist that leaves no residue behind. The product was developed and is marketed by Wela Group LLC, a Long Island, N.Y.-based innovation and development company operating primarily in the marine field.
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AVAST™ in Industry


Disinfection of all vehicles from Ambulances, Cars, Buses, Trains, Aircraft, Cruise Ships and Ferries is key to enabling infection free travel and the safety of the public. Cargo spaces on Aircraft, Ships, Trucks and Trains can be sterilized to halt contamination from one cargo to another.

Public Areas

Hotel rooms and Lobbies, Stations and Airports, Gyms and Sporting venues all become safer when the Virus Destroying Power of AVAST™ is deployed and used in these environments.


Work environments are as varied as you can imagine, corporate offices with a multitude of different shared areas, hair salons, warehouses, stores and shops,some of those that, with AVAST™ will provide your employees an additional layer of protection.

Food & Retail Industry

Restaurants, Kitchens and Dining Areas, Food delivery vehicles and storage areas made safer when AVAST™ is used alongside all the normal attention to health and cleaning you expect.

AVAST™ Testimonials
“The safety of our establishment,employees, and customers is of utmost importance…
The simplicity of this system is one of the things we love most. AVAST is the technology you want and need for your business”
“That Little Greek Place” – Huntington, NY
“The AVAST machine was used to decontaminate all objects brought home from work..
The sterilizer is simple and easy to use. Results are effective as this routine has kept my family safe.”
Anthony Umuza, MD
“Southside Hospital” – Bay Shore, NY
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“Here at Parea, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have come a long way from the struggles first presented to us as a small business. The safety of our establishment, employees, and customers is of utmost importance as we navigate through these uncertain times. About four months ago we were introduced to a new technology, AVAST. After becoming familiar with this new sterilization unit we quickly realized this was the most efficient and effective solution to our sanitizing needs. The simplicity of this system is one of the things we love most. In under an hour this unit sanitizes our entire restaurant and ensures the safety of our employees and customers. The emblem they provide us for our front door gives the customer confidence that they are walking into a clean and safe environment. AVAST is the technology you want and need for your business to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.”
“That Little Greek Place” – Huntington, NY

“I am an Emergency Medicine physician with twenty-one years of experience at a Level 2 trauma center. During the early months of the coronavirus  pandemic, I worked 8 to 12 hour shifts in the emergency department which contained predominantly covid positive patients. My routine from the start of the day until I returned home to my family was intended to reduce my risk of bringing home the virus.
The AVAST machine was used to decontaminate all objects brought home from work (identification card, eyeglasses, cellphone, personal medical equipment, shoes, watch).
The AVAST is run for ten minutes in our medium sized bathroom used as a “dirty” room. The bathroom door and windows are left open after decontamination in order to allow the space to air out for about an hour. The  sterilizer is simple and easy to use. Results are effective as this routine has kept my family safe. I intend to continue with this routine for as long as the coronavirus remains a public health crisis.”

Anthony Urmuza, MD
Emergency Dept, Southside Hospital, Bay Shore, NY